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Fast Delivery!

Aalsmeer Florist Market co-operates with a large number of logistics companies and organisations, both domestically and abroad. We have worked for years to ensure AFM's ability to guarantee that orders received by 4pm will (usually) be delivered to your store by 10am the next day.

You can place your order with AFM until 4pm. From noon to 6.30pm AFM is busy packing all of our clients' products in boxes. From 6.30pm onwards AFM's unique logistics and delivery process is in full swing. Our employees are at your disposal day and night to ensure you can focus entirely on the sale of your products. 

Aalsmeer Florist Market is:

  • A reliable partner.
  • Largest assortment in Europe.
  • A hyper-modern, real-time purchasing system.
  • Personalised service.
  • Daily, deeply discounted offers.
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“AFM saves me a great deal of time. I love it!”

“Reliable and easy”

“Cutting out the middlemen! Directly from Holland”

“Only at the end of the day I know what I need the next day”